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Convenient eWaste Box Pickup… whenever you’re ready!

TBS Industries has its own fleet of collection vehicles, plus partner contracts across the country, which allows us to process pickups anywhere with little notice. However, there are times when it is either not practical to send a truck and crew, or not feasible for the client’s needs. In these cases TBS can provide a pre-paid eWaste box, shipped to the client’s address, and pre-labeled for pickup by our carriers.

The eWaste box provides several advantages:

  • It can be packed at your convenience
  • It is shipped in a compact form
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The package is light and easy to handle
  • There are no outside personnel to disrupt your business
  • It is pre-paid and labeled for a return pickup

The eWaste box is the size and shape of a normal pallet when assembled. It can be easily assembled in minutes by a single person, and can be carried on a standard pallet jack or forklift. Instructions are included with the eWaste box. No tools are required for assembly. The box can be built in a warehouse or on a dock, anywhere that is accessible to a jack. Arrangements for quick nationwide pickup will be accomplished with a single phone call to TBS, we then take care of everything from pickup to processing. Contact us today with your needs and we will set up an appropriate processing plan for you.

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