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Circuit Board Refining

TBS Industries is an industry leader in the field of circuit board refining. We provide a full suite of refining services, such as assaying, board refining, representation for companies that prefer a third party processor, processing under contract, and direct smelting.

TBS is able to plan the best course of action, for the best monetary yield, for our clients. Whether we are smelting and refining the material ourselves, or representing our client at a third party processor, TBS will determine the appropriate plan, and will manage our clients’ assets according to industry best practices for the greatest return on assets.

TBS Provides Varied Services

  • Assaying
  • Refining
  • Logistics
  • Oversight
  • Representation
  • Direct Smelting

TBS Knows the Business

TBS was a pioneer in the process of smelting and refining circuit boards for precious metals, and continues to advance the science and art of refining. TBS will show you the best method for reaping a solid return on your material, and in many cases can provide outright purchase of your printed circuit boards. Please contact us with your needs and we will customize a plan for you.

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