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State of the Art, Secure Shredding Facility

TBS can provide a full shredding service for any equipment that is too sensitive to be allowed into the public, even for parts. The units sent for shredding will be totally reduced to unusable components, which are totally unrecoverable by electronic or mechanical means. All information bearing media and proprietary components will be reduced to raw materials, and made totally inert and unrecognizable. Our secure shredding facility can handle individual pieces of equipment up to one ton in size, and can handle a steady stream for fast turnover. Our shredder operates with the tightest security protocols, and has never had in incident of data loss or theft. All items handled for shredding are on a fenced, 24 hour video surveillance secure facility, with keycard access for all areas. TBS will treat your items with the highest level of security possible, and will provide a certificate of destruction for all items processed.

At TBS, We Take Your Data Security Seriously

TBS Industries provides a full shredding service for proprietary or sensitive equipment that cannot be allowed to pass into public possession. The material can be any type of electronic equipment such as computers, hard drives, data storage media, computer disks, or data library systems. The equipment will be fed through a state of the art electronic shredder, which can handle individual units up to one ton in weight. All equipment handled for shredding is treated as fully confidential, and is never allowed into public view. We hold all equipment under constant camera scrutiny in our secure facility until sent into the shredder, and video taping of the actual shredding of your equipment is available on request.

All items shredded are mechanically separated into component parts, with nothing left as useable or recoverable in any way. The material extruded from the shredder is processed for its content as raw material only; no functional or identifiable components will survive the shredding process. This is the most secure method of total destruction available for any sensitive equipment requiring a secure, total destruction process.

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