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Secure Online Client Access

TBS Industries website allows for online, live client access to their equipment reports, from the time that a truck arrives with their items, until the equipment reaches its final disposition. TBS has developed cutting edge scanning and reporting software that ensures that all items will be accounted for at all times, and that accurate tracking and sorting procedures will be carried out. Our live access is password protected, and set by the client, so that their equipment list and information are secure and accessible by them at any time, day or night.

This system allows the peace of mind of knowing where your items are, both physically and in the sorting process. The ability to accurately track each individual item back to its source is one of the many features that sets TBS apart from other recycling companies, and allows us to remain an industry leader. TBS will continue to develop cutting edge, proprietary software and hardware solutions to allow full tracking of all items entrusted to us. Please contact us for details, or for a quote on your equipment disposal needs.

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