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On Site DoD Sanitizing

TBS Industries offers an on-site sanitizing, or wiping service, which provides safe and secure data destruction while preserving the use and functionality of the hard drive. This is an ideal solution when you need to eliminate undesirable data, such as trade secrets, confidential lists, clients names, credit card data, or other potentially high risk information. Since the drives will remain intact and useable, this solution is ideal on newer equipment which is being re-tasked, for example a transfer to a different department or facility which is not authorized to view the sensitive information.

Department of Defense Specifications

TBS is able to supply equipment and personnel to safely and securely wipe your drives on site, to the Department of Defense DOD5220-22M specification. This will eliminate any chance of data recovery, and frees up your valuable IT employees from the need to perform tedious wiping software applications, which will save your company money and provide assurance of full data destruction. Our hardware based wiping service is not dependent on problematic software, and is able to perform multiple, simultaneous drive wipes in a fraction of the time that software takes. 

Log File Certification

All wiping performed by TBS generates a log file showing the date, time, drive, drive size, method of wiping and equipment used. This will provide a secure file for your records proving that your data was handled appropriately.  Since TBS comes to your location to perform the data wiping, you can monitor the drives physically while receiving the industry leading full data wipe. This allows you to be safe and secure that your information will never fall into the wrong hands, while maintaining your hardware for reuse or later sale.

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