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Nationwide Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

The normal logistics of a manufacturer’s products is to move in the direction of distributors and consumers. “Reverse logistics”, on the other hand, refers to products and materials that move in the opposite direction. For example, a defective electronic product may be returned from the consumer back to the distributor or manufacturer, where it would have to be tested, dismantled, disposed of or repaired.

How does your company manage its reverse logistics burden? Do you have procedures in place to responsibly recycle the e-waste?  E-waste, or the discarding of obsolete electronics, has skyrocketed and is estimated to exceed 50 million tons worldwide.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of this e-waste ends up in landfills. While it contains toxic chemicals and harmful substances that damage the environment, it also contains valuable materials that could be recovered from the product, reused, recycled properly, and even used to manufacture new products.

TBS Reverse Logistics Program for Electronic Equipment

TBS Industries can customize a reverse logistics program for your company to maximize the use of your obsolete assets, minimize your costs, and generate profits for your business from materials you previously discarded. Some of TBS’ Reverse Logistics services include:

  • Processing returned or surplus electronic equipment to send recoverable parts and components back to your inventory
  • Reselling viable equipment through our vast global redistribution channels
  • Extracting valuable commodity materials (e.g., plastics, metals) so they can be reused in the manufacture of new products
  • Responsibly destroying and disposing of unusable or obsolete equipment to prevent their illegal export and to comply with our rigorous “No Landfill” policy

TBS offers customized services to solve the burden associated with reverse logistics of your end-of-life equipment, surplus inventories, and unwanted materials. Our focus is to return the highest possible value to our clients while providing an environmentally responsible recycling solution. Please contact us about creating an efficient, low-cost reverse logistics or e-recycling program for your company.

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