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Meet Our Staff

Boris Kortiak- Operations Manager: Boris is the Operations manager of TBS Industries, and in this capacity he oversees all business operations, including planning, scheduling, traffic control at our facility, personnel, and inventory management. Boris has years of experience in international planning and logistics, and ensures that operations undertaken by TBS are both efficient and effective.   Boris is a skilled computer programmer, and is fluent in multiple languages.  

Michael J. Lynch- Facilities Manager: Michael is the facilities manager at TBS industries, and is responsible for implementation and installation of hardware systems in our facility. Michael has designed and installed electrical systems, mechanical systems, fluid piping systems, and pneumatics to advance our processing capabilities.  Michael also implements wiring solutions for our interior network, and coordinates with outside agencies on material upgrades.  Michael also produces in house writing projects, articles, and advertising designs, and interfaces with our web team to maintain 

William Miller- IT Manager : William is the manager of the Internet Technologies department at TBS. He is responsible for design, development, and implementation of the hardware and software infrastructure at TBS, and oversees the internet sales department as well. William is a skilled and committed software programmer and hardware engineer, with emphasis on Linux and all Microsoft software. William leads a dedicated team in equipment rollouts, and a constant hardware upgrade regime.  William is responsible for the innovative tracking and inventory system in use at TBS. 

Walt Maruschak- Director of Business Development: Walter is the director of business development at TBS, and in this capacity he networks with clients, inside and outside sales teams, and advertising media in order to promote the growth of TBS Industries. Walter has produced many innovative sales solutions for our clients, and has implemented nationwide and multinational sales outlets. Walter is a driven team leader who strives to excel in all facets of business.  

Daniel Bucci- Logistics Manager: Daniel is the team leader for trucking logistics and customer pickup scheduling at TBS. He coordinates with our outside sales departments and customers to ensure that TBS shipping and pickup services run smoothly and efficiently. Daniel also performs lead customer relations duties with clients, and maintains the trucking schedule for our fleet.  Daniel is also responsible for coordinating equipment transfers for our partner charities, and oversees warehouse transfers between our facilities.

Some of Our Clients