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ON Site Hard Drive Shredding Specialists

TBS Industries Specializes in providing in providing tailored data destructions services that allow businesses to stay compliant with stringent privacy regulations.

Whether you have a few obsolete office computers ready for destruction or hundreds of them,
TBS Industries can come to your location to physically destroy your data-bearing hard drives , tapes
(e.g., reel to reel, backups), and/or recordable media, such as DVDs. Our onsite hard drive shredding
service offers you the highest level of safety and security.

Our mobile hard drive shredding equipment:

  • Is 100% portable, clean, quiet and fast;
  • Permanently destroys all data on the hard disk by shredding all ; Media, Hard Drives, Backup
  • Tapes
  • Shreds everything into pieces (shred size can be controlled to comply with diverse
  • government regulations);
  • Is capable of destroying over 2400 drives per hour.

Don’t accept vague promises from recyclers about what will be done with your e-waste. TBS
Industries allows you to witness the destruction yourself. Without leaving your desk, you can
watch a live video of our experienced destruction technicians while they work.

TBS Industries’ onsite hard drive shredding service is the ideal solution for highly sensitive, classified
or confidential business data that cannot leave your site. Our expert destruction services eliminate
any risk of corporate data theft caused by the improper disposal or careless storage of obsolete
electronics. The shredding process makes all of your important data irretrievable.

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