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Electronics Recycling

Electronic Waste (also known as eWaste) is a growing problem across the country and around the world. Your old and unwanted electronics contain materials that cannot be allowed to seep into the environment, and must be disposed of safely and legally. This is a process that cannot be accomplished on your own. TBS can help!

  • TBS Saves the Environment –TBS has a comprehensive No Landfill policy. Nothing goes to waste, ever!
  • TBS Saves Time – TBS provides a one stop solution that ends your worries and frees up your personnel, no more wasted time hunting for answers.
  • TBS Saves Money – TBS provides a customized, low cost solution for all of your electronic recycling needs.

TBS Industries is a worldwide Industry Leader in Electronics Recycling, and will provide a comprehensive solution for your electronics recycling needs. Please contact  us for a quote, or if you need any additional information, we are always ready to help!

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