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A Full-Service Disposal Service to Meet Your Facility’s Needs

TBS Industries provides a comprehensive suite of disposal services, including a full facility, or partial facility clean-out program. TBS will provide the planning, logistics, and manpower to efficiently remove any unneeded or surplus equipment, and will arrange all shipping and tracking services, plus will provide a full de-manufacturing service or material management plan. This will allow a one stop, hassle free clean-out on any quantity of equipment or materials, which allows us to keep the cost low while maintaining a high level of service.  TBS will develop a custom plan to assist you in your asset management program that will provide the greatest return on your investment.

Since TBS provides all necessary manpower for the clean-out, your employees remain free to perform their usual functions with no disruption to your business, saving you time and money. Please contact us with the relevant details, we will provide a removal plan that will fit your company’s needs. 

Disposal Services

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