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De-Installation Service

De-Installation Service

TBS Industries offers a comprehensive and security conscious De-Installation service, which can be customized for the needs of each individual client.  When your company performs a facility wide upgrade or major technology rollout, it is often more cost effective to reserve your own staff for the new install, rather than hold up your company’s production for equipment removal. TBS can provide the manpower and expertise to quickly, safely, and efficiently de-install, pack, and remove all of your existing computers, workstations, and network equipment with a minimum of disruption to your business.   

Full Service Removal = Peace of Mind

This will allow you to free up needed personnel, while allowing TBS to safely pack and process your equipment to maximize profit for you.  This service can be combined with on site Hard Disk Drive erasure, or secure packing for shipment to a shredder. Our full-service de-installation service will allow you to be secure in the knowledge that your equipment will not fall into the wrong hands or be subject to employee theft. TBS will securely wrap and package your items, and provide a full accounting through our inventory tracking system. This will give you full disclosure of what items were packed, their description, weights, serial numbers, model numbers, asset tag numbers, and any other pertinent or required information. TBS provides for the full logistics solution to make any de-install the fastest and easiest breakdown possible.

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