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Corporate Social Responsibility

TBS’ Sustainability Commitment

TBS has made a corporate commitment to sustainability and we have integrated it into our DNA. We promote responsible electronic waste management while contributing to building a sustainable society in energy use, CO2 emissions, water consumption, and waste generation.

Sustainability is woven into all of TBS’ decision-making processes.  We constantly work to understand how our actions affect the environment and society around us, and how these actions affect TBS financially.

TBS makes every effort to identify, educate and provide e-recycling solutions that will yield the highest possible return for our customers while providing a service that protects the environment and provides innovation and meaningful work.

The benefits of recycling

The recycling industry is a major contributor to sustainable business practices.   Recycling is one of the primary ways for economies to reduce their energy output and carbon emissions.  Recycling also preserves scarce natural resources, saves water, and reduces pollution and dependence on landfills.

An important function of sustainable recycling programs is to break down recaptured obsolete electronics into the elements that were initially used to create them and then reuse these materials to manufacture new products. This practice reduces the energy needed to mine new raw materials.  For example, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the use of recycled steel instead of primary ore in steel production results in:

  • A 74% reduction in energy consumption
  • A 86% reduction in air pollution
  • A 40% reduction in water consumption
  • A 76% reduction in water pollution


TBS Industries is committed to the responsible disposition of electronic waste which, if carelessly discarded, can create serious health problems and environmental contamination. The constant improvement of our sustainability management practices enables TBS to deliver value to our customers while reducing the impact of e-waste on society and the environment.

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