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Material Reclamation: Maximized Recovery / Minimized Hassle

TBS Industries has the buying power and supply logistics to handle any material reclamation needs, with maximum return, for minimum hassle. We can provide in house processing of your material, under contract, for the highest dollar value in the industry, or can offer outright purchase of any quantity of material for a fast, easy transaction.

As a leader in the computer recycling industry, TBS can provide a fast assay and estimate of the value of your material, and will recommend the best method to recover the highest amount of return on your material processing. We are the standard end of life processor for many of the largest businesses in material reclamation, so we can offer the best prices on outright purchase of material.

No Middle Man: Deal Directly With the Processor

Dealing with the TBS means dealing directly with the processor, which allows your business to eliminate middle men and reap the maximum return.  TBS provides collection and processing of electronic waste materials for all business models, from manufacturers to end users. All quantities and types of electronic materials can be processed, with maximum recovery of constituents and the absolute minimum environmental impact. We will develop the most cost effective material management plan for each client, specifically engineered as a unique solution for their individual situation.


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