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Detailed Auditing and Diagnostic Reporting

TBS Industries has developed a state-of-the-art auditing and tracking software suite, which allows us to generate detailed reports with full diagnostics for all items handled by our company. In addition, we will provide a breakdown of virtually any details needed for a particular application, including tracking items by serial number, date received, quantities, model numbers, physical location, order received, weight, condition, sizes, and any other variables that apply.

Customized Software Solutions

The reports that we generate for each client are highly customized to their exact specifications, ensuring that all relevant information is clearly and succinctly summarized, without over complication or irrelevant numbers. This allows each client to quickly find just the right amount of data that they need for auditing or reporting within their internal systems, or for accountability and tax reporting.

TBS will develop a customized solution for your auditing and diagnostic reporting needs, and will continue to create new and innovative software solutions to remain the industry leader. Please contact us for a quote, or for more information.

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